Pleuratech helps lung patients receive better care by providing thoracic surgeons with a tool that helps them place chest drains safely and accurately.
The Pleuratech KatGuide is a unique tool with all the qualities necessary to become the commercial standard for thoracic surgery. It was developed by expert thoracic surgeon, Dr. Niels Katballe, and senior mechanical engineer, Peter Heydorn.

The innovative design promotes safe and accurate insertion and placement of pleural drains. Unlike similar products, the KatGuide is curved thus making it easier for surgeons to place the chest drain correctly. This can reduce the need for repeat surgeries and in this way, limit the number of hospital days.

The combination of a scientific medical orientation and a pragmatic engineering point of view has contributed to a tool with tangible benefits.

An example of Pleuratech’s scientific orientation is the current clinical study in progress. Although, it has long been an empirical belief that pleural drains should be placed in the upper area of the pleural cavity to remove air and in the lower area to remove fluids, Pleuratech are now running a clinical study to verify this assumption.